About Us

Flip, Flippie and Friends is a series of early-learning children's books that will delight, entertain and educate. Flip, the mother or teacher figure, takes Flippie, 'the kid kanga' and his friends through entertaining twists and turns as they learn the concepts of 1-2-3, A-B-C and Shapes and Colours. Flippie is certainly a 'character kanga' to be reckoned with and is always game for excitement and adventure!

The series has been designed to enchant children with fun stories. Learning is part-and-parcel of the experience. As we know, children learn through repetition, enthusiasm and participation. The series engages with all these learning principles. We have had a GREAT deal of joy in the development of these books. We hope we have managed to express this joy with intent and so infuse the young audience with the same.

This is only the beginning, with many more happy learning adventures to follow.

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