About the Books

Flip, Flippie and Friends is a series of early-learning children’s books that has been produced to entice and teach South African children in a way that is interesting and FUN and where possible, in their mother tongue.

Flip, the ‘mother’ or ‘teacher’ figure, takes Flippie and his friends through entertaining twists and turns as they learn concepts in story form in the titles 1-2-3, A-B-C, Shapes and Colours, Seasons and Opposites. Time and Health, our next topics, are in production.

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2018 Calendars in South African Languages are now available for free downloading on our website

We have developed these ‘Flippie, Flippie and Friends’ Calendars for 2018 in South African languages as part of our mother tongue learning drive. It has been an interesting project. There are no established abbreviations that [...]


Biblionef appreciates the Flip, Flippie and Friends series as it supports our mission of giving each child a book in his/her own mother tongue. [Jean Williams – Biblionef]
We read 1-2-3 with Flip, Flippie and Friends and absolutely loved it – hunting for and counting the number of friends on every page. We were simply riveted all the way. Well done for getting it right for young kids! You are doing superb work. [Sue Taylor – Shine]
These colourful books are not only stories but also have relevant local basic information every child should know. [Jean Williams – Biblionef]
This series is ideal for use in Foundation Phase and invaluable for remedial teaching. The rhymes, bright, colourful illustrations and happy, lovable characters, Flip Flippie and his Friends introduce young children to language and mathematical concepts in a fun filled informal way. [Lorna Geils – Remedial Teacher]

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